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Our Veterinarians

We think of the role of the veterinarian as that of a good detective. Both veterinarian and owner work together to gather information about the pet’s behaviors. We ask probing questions and consider all details so as to form a diagnosis of underlying issues and from that, an effective path of treatment.

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Our Veterinarians
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Dr. Ashley McCaughan

Dr. Ashley McCaughan, DVM


A lifelong dream for Dr. Ashley McCaughan has finally become a reality – Marina Village Veterinary opens its doors February 2018 as Alameda’s FIRST HOLISTIC veterinary hospital!

A graduate from Cornell University School of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Ashley McCaughan enjoys working with all types of animals – dogs, cats, pocket pets, rabbits, and even horses. She practices veterinary acupuncture (trained at the Chi Institute) and is also certified in Veterinary Chiropractic. She is passionate about multi-modal therapy for pain management, using laser, acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and/or chiropractic treatments, in addition to conventional medicines.

Dr. McCaughan gains great personal satisfaction from helping our companions live longer and often happier lives. Most recently, she completed a course in advanced dental procedures, so feel free to ask her about how to improve upon your pet’s dental hygiene for fresh, happy mouths!

When not in the office, Dr. McCaughan enjoys hiking, mountain biking in Redwood Regional Park, swimming and competing in a horseback riding discipline called Three Day Eventing.

Dr. Christie Johnson

Dr. Christie Johnson, DVM, CVA


Dr. Christie Johnson was born in Los Angeles and grew up in Southern California. In her childhood she enjoyed the company of rabbits, dogs, fish, hamsters, cats and the summer break school snake. As a teenager she spent years caring for horses and formed the dream of becoming a veterinarian while realizing the value of companion animals. She earned her undergraduate degree in physics with honors at Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania. She took a year off and worked at a Humane Society Clinic and helped her baby nephew grow before entering UC Davis Veterinary School. Since earning her veterinary degree from U.C. Davis with honors she has been practicing as a veterinarian in the Bay Area. She enjoys practicing lifestyle medicine and taking an integrative approach. She is certified in Veterinary Acupuncture through the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society (IVAS) and certified Veterinary Herbalist through the Chi Institute of Chinese Medicine and the China National Society of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine. She loves visiting her sister and her sister’s family alpaca farm in Colorado. Her mother is in memory care and she can visit her father locally. She lives with Grizelda (Zelda), the queen gray miniature poodle. Locally she enjoys Farmer’s Markets, volunteering at Alameda county food bank, East Bay trail walks, and a general nutritive life. She Joined Marina Village Veterinary fall of 2019 to join the enterprising creator and cheerful coworkers.

Dr. Sharon Liu

Dr. Sharon Liu, DVM


Sharon was made in Taiwan and grown in California. She misses the novelty of four seasons and milking cows through school, but is happiest in avocado country. She has worked with goats in Ghana, jaguars in Belize, dolphins in Mexico, rhinos in Indonesia, and plenty of starry-eyed students as an instructor for the university conservation medicine program. After her rotating internship, she worked as a relief vet up and down the Cali coast before becoming a full-time emergency, then exotics… and now integrative veterinarian. When not acquainting nontraditional creatures and traditional Chinese medicine with each other, she delights in creating enrichment devices for her tiny human in their tiny kitchen.

Dr. Steve Kornfeld

Dr. Steve Kornfeld

Associate Veterinarian

Since 2017, Dr. Kornfeld has been providing advanced dental services at Arroyo Veterinary Clinic. Dr. Kornfeld completed a 6-year alternate path residency in veterinary dentistry. He operated a mobile dental clinic for ten years, offering advanced dental services to numerous clinics around the Bay area. His advanced dental care includes, but is not limited to, bone augmentation, crowns and root canals, which makes it possible to save more teeth than ever before!

Dr. Kornfeld also has a degree in professional and business coaching.

He is the author of four veterinary business books, focusing on personal development for veterinary teams and on providing outstanding veterinary care to pet owners.

 Dr. Lisa Franzetta, L.Ac.

Dr. Lisa Franzetta, L.Ac.

Acupuncturist and Herbalist

Dr. Lisa Franzetta is a lifelong animal lover and advocate, and providing Chinese medicine for beloved animal companions at Marina Village Veterinary is her dream come true! She is a doctor of acupuncture and integrative medicine, a licensed acupuncturist, and a Fellow of the American Board of Animal Acupuncture. 

Originally from New Jersey, Dr. Lisa earned her degree in biology at Brown University. After settling in the Bay Area, she discovered the power of acupuncture and herbal medicine to help companion animals when her first cat, a polydactyl tabby named Seamus, was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. Watching as he relaxed into his acupuncture treatments, she was inspired to pursue her studies in Chinese medicine at Berkeley’s Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine College. She completed postgraduate studies in animal acupuncture and laser therapy, and her doctoral research focused on educating animal guardians about the benefits of acupuncture for their dogs and cats.

During her acupuncture treatments, Dr. Lisa loves sharing Chinese medicine home care techniques including tui na (a type of massage) and acupressure with animal guardians. As a trained Companion Animal End-of-Life doula, she has a particular interest in offering families healing support during palliative care.

Dr. Lisa has worked with numerous animal protection organizations, including Friends of Oakland Animal Services, and she volunteers with Hopalong Animal Rescue and Herd & Flock Animal Sanctuary. When not at work with her human or animal patients, she loves trail running, yoga, vegan cooking, and catering to her two rescue cats, Jupiter and Valentine. 

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