My Pet Needs What? Dental Disease and COHAT in Pets

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We’ve all felt the slimy, sticky plaque layer that forms on our teeth after a sugary meal, or when we forget to brush our teeth before bed. If you never brushed at all, things would get quickly out of hand. Pets are prone to dental disease as well, and most will develop disease signs by [...]

How Can Liquid Biopsy Help My Dog?

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Cancer is the number one cause of death in dogs. On average, one in four dogs will suffer from cancer during their lifetime, and roughly half of all dogs age 10 and older have cancer. Unfortunately, by the time most of these dogs are diagnosed, their disease is advanced and their prognosis is poor. Unlike [...]

Separating Fact and Fiction About Pet Separation Anxiety

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The bond between pet and owner is deeper than ever, with dogs and cats being upgraded from companion to full-fledged family member. And, while the team at Marina Village Veterinary and Integrative Care celebrates the increased love and devotion that comes with this promotion, some pets are experiencing an unhealthy over-attachment to their owners known [...]

Reading Your Dog’s Mind: Canine Body Language 101

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Dogs can’t talk, but they use their bodies to communicate with us all the time. Human and dog body language are inherently different, so learning to interpret your dog’s signals is key to developing the best possible relationship. Follow this guide from Marina Village Veterinary and Integrative Care to start reading your dog’s body language [...]

5 Ways to Help Your Pet Love Visiting the Veterinarian

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It’s no secret that many pets become nervous, stressed, and afraid when visiting their veterinarian. While we love taking care of pets, working with cats and dogs outside their home turf can unsettle them. Cats in particular are most comfortable at home in familiar surroundings, and being stuffed in a carrier, bounced around in the [...]

Nutrition in Pets: Your Questions Answered

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A balanced diet is a critical building block of your pet’s overall health and wellbeing. Without a proper diet that contains the appropriate amounts of vitamins, minerals, protein, fat, carbohydrates, and other nutrients, your furry pal can fall victim to a plethora of diet-induced health issues, including obesity, diabetes, osteoarthritis, liver disease, heart disease, and [...]

How AniCell Injections Can Help Your Pet

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Pain medications and surgery can only do so much to help your pet get back up on their paws after suffering a musculoskeletal injury, or falling victim to a degenerative disease. However, regenerative veterinary medicine can provide that extra boost, and enable your pet to feel like their old selves. In addition to stem cell [...]

A Chiropractic Overview for Pet Owners

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Your pet leads an active life, running, jumping, fetching, and wrestling with their buddies. These exertions can cause misalignments, which lead to significant muscle and nerve pain. Chiropractic adjustments can correct these areas, reducing pain, decreasing inflammation, and improving biomechanics. Our team at Marina Village Veterinary and Integrative Care wants to educate you on chiropractic [...]

Defining High-Quality Veterinary Dental Care

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Your pet's dental health may determine their longevity. Dental disease is the most commonly diagnosed condition in pets—by age 3, 85 percent have periodontal disease. The chronic bacterial load caused by periodontal disease puts enormous strain on a pet’s organs, and may lead to liver, kidney, and heart failure. Pet owners may not realize the [...]

6 Advantages of In-House Stem Cell Therapy for Your Pet

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Stem cell therapy has been available for years to treat joint issues in horses, dogs, and cats, but additional advancements now make faster pain relief and tissue healing possible. By eliminating the need for outside laboratory processing, and performing the process from start to finish in-house, your pet can experience stem cell therapy’s positive effects [...]

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