A Deeper Kind of Care

I’ve never been so well-cared for as a cat mom in my life. Dr. Ashley is a keeper
Kathryn Parmeter
I think we had a great experience my cat was happy and they were very nice to us, answering all my questions
Josseline Tanus
Doctor McCaughan is the best vet around. Thank you
Thank you so much for your card of condolence! I appreciated it very, very much. Thank you all.
Dale Hastings

Integrative Veterinary Care

When there are deep imbalances in your dog or cat’s body, western veterinary medicine (for example, antibiotics, surgery, suppressing or manipulating immune responses, etc.) is likely the appropriate course of action. But there are various imbalances in the body that don’t need the global approach of western medicine. They just need small tweaks. We believe there is an incredible opportunity here for modern veterinary practitioners to blend the two approaches in order to help your pet heal in the most efficient and effective way.

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