Balancing science with empathy.

When there are deep imbalances in your dog or cat’s body, western veterinary medicine (for example, antibiotics, surgery, suppressing or manipulating immune responses, etc.) is likely the appropriate course of action. But there are various imbalances in the body that don’t need the global approach of western medicine. They just need small tweaks. We believe there is an incredible opportunity here for modern veterinary practitioners to blend the two approaches in order to help your pet heal in the most efficient and effective way.


What pet owners are saying…

Dr McCaughn has been my dog’s vet for over two years and I highly recommend her! She is an integrative vet mixing holistic and traditional medicines to treat conditions. What I love about her is she treats you and your pet like you are her only patients. She always gets back to you via phone or email and throughly answers all questions you may have.

I can’t speak highly enough about Dr. Ashley! She is compassionate, super knowledgeable and versed in both mainstream and complementary/alternative approaches to treating animals. She’s just fantastic!

Best holistic vet around! Plus the dogs love her too!



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