We welcome new clients who are interested in integrative medicine, as we feel that the blend of Western and Eastern modalities allows us to provide the best care for our beloved pets. We look forward to welcoming you to our pet family!

Defining High-Quality Veterinary Dental Care

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Your pet's dental health may determine their longevity. Dental disease is the most commonly diagnosed condition in pets—by age 3, 85 percent have periodontal disease. The chronic bacterial load caused by periodontal disease puts enormous strain on a pet’s organs, and may lead to liver, kidney, and heart failure. Pet owners may not realize the [...]

6 Advantages of In-House Stem Cell Therapy for Your Pet

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Stem cell therapy has been available for years to treat joint issues in horses, dogs, and cats, but additional advancements now make faster pain relief and tissue healing possible. By eliminating the need for outside laboratory processing, and performing the process from start to finish in-house, your pet can experience stem cell therapy’s positive effects [...]

Is Acupuncture a Valid Option for My Pet?

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Ancient Chinese medicine introduced the world to acupuncture several thousand years ago. This practice can effectively complement many traditional techniques to decrease pain and inflammation in your pet, and improve their overall well-being. Our team at Marina Village Veterinary and Integrative Care wants to educate you on this safe alternative to manage pain and many [...]

How Can Stem Cell Therapy Help Your Pet?

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Stem cells are the body’s basic building blocks. These versatile cells can generate multiple cell types, and are a natural internal repair system. Stem cell therapy is the process of placing stem cells into diseased or damaged tissues, to generate new, healthy cell growth. The Marina Village Veterinary and Integrative  Care team is excited to [...]

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Your Pet’s Health

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Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), which dates back thousands of years, is designed to promote health and treat disease. The term “disease” can be defined as “lack of ease,”meaning discomfort, distress, or illness affecting your pet. At Marina Village Veterinary and Holistic Care, we provide integrative medicine to evaluate your pet’s health with conventional medical diagnostics [...]

How Does Integrative Medicine Benefit My Pet? Your Questions Answered

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When your pet is sick or injured, you want them healed as soon as possible. In many cases, a balanced treatment protocol based on integrative veterinary medicine, which combines holistic therapies with traditional medicine, provides the best outcome, the quickest results, and the fewest side effects. Pets greatly benefit from integrative medicine and its complementary [...]

A Pet Owner’s Guide to Stem Cell Therapy

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Although you may have learned about stem cell therapy and thought this cutting-edge treatment modality was limited to human medicine, advancements now allow pets to benefit from the healing power of stem cells. Here at Marina Village Integrative Care, we’re delighted to offer stem cell therapy to our patients in need of this advanced treatment.  [...]

Ovary-Sparing Spay and Vasectomy

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HORMONE-PROTECTIVE STERILIZATION Having your pet “fixed” used to be a yes or no question, but recent medical research is shining a new light on this topic and offering us new insights about the role of hormones in animal health. At Marina Village Vet, our doctors are dedicated to staying up to date with emerging best-practices [...]

World Rabies Day 2019 – Vaccination and Titer Testing

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Vaccination and Titer Testing We all know that vaccinating our pets is important, but type and frequency of vaccination should be discussed with your veterinarian based on your pet’s exposure, risk, and age.  In honor of Rabies Vaccination Day, September 28th, we shall review the current scientific and legal landscape of current core vaccines:  rabies [...]

What is Canine Influenza?

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Canine influenza, also known as dog flu, is a highly contagious respiratory infection caused by a specific Type A influenza virus known to infect both cats and dogs. Currently, two strains of canine influenza virus have been identified in the U.S.: H3N8 and H3N2. These viruses can change quickly and create new strains that can [...]

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