What is Pet Fostering and How Can You Ensure Success?

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Pet fostering helps countless homeless dogs and cats, but this labor of love requires volunteers who are extra special people. The basic requirements may seem simple—provide food, water, and shelter until the pet is adopted—but successful fostering also requires compassion, understanding, and patience. However, in return for their time and generosity, pet foster parents are [...]

How Amnion Can Help Your Pet Heal Faster

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Regenerative medicine therapies, including stem cell and platelet-rich plasma injections, have been helping pets for many years. Regenerative medicine enables pets to replace their own damaged cells with healthy tissue, to effectively treat injuries, inflammatory conditions, chronic diseases, and more. More recently, amnion has been introduced as another strategy to regenerate tissues and speed healing. [...]

No Bark! How to Stop Your Dog From Barking at Everything

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Does your dog have an opinion about everything—especially the mail carrier, the delivery driver, and every neighborhood dog who passes by your home? If you respond to your dog’s excessive barking by yelling “No bark!” or “Quiet!” it’s time for a training lesson—for both ends of the leash. Verbal scolding is the canine equivalent of [...]

The Good Dog Guide to Hikes and Parks

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When we head out in the world, we abide by our communities’ laws and regulations, and when our dogs join us, we must ensure they behave appropriately for the good of everyone’s safety. Everyone has a good time when you learn park guidelines. Follow our Marina Village Veterinary and Integrative Care team’s etiquette tips as [...]

Protect Your Pet From Poor Air Quality This Fire Season

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California’s fire season is here, and pet owners are responsible for ensuring their furry friends avoid poor air quality’s hazards, such as smoke, soot, and toxic particles. Fire’s harmful effects are not limited to people and pets in the closest proximity—smoke can travel hundreds of miles. Because smoke can be detrimental to your pet’s eyes [...]

Ruff-ly Translated—Reading Canine Body Language

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Have you ever wondered what your dog is thinking? While they may not be able to tell us verbally, our dogs express themselves all the time through non-verbal communication (i.e., body language). Learning how to decode your dog’s wordless communication will open up a new world of possibilities—including a deeper relationship, improved behavior, and the [...]

My Pet Needs What? Dental Disease and COHAT in Pets

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We’ve all felt the slimy, sticky plaque layer that forms on our teeth after a sugary meal, or when we forget to brush our teeth before bed. If you never brushed at all, things would get quickly out of hand. Pets are prone to dental disease as well, and most will develop disease signs by [...]

How Can Liquid Biopsy Help My Dog?

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Cancer is the number one cause of death in dogs. On average, one in four dogs will suffer from cancer during their lifetime, and roughly half of all dogs age 10 and older have cancer. Unfortunately, by the time most of these dogs are diagnosed, their disease is advanced and their prognosis is poor. Unlike [...]

Separating Fact and Fiction About Pet Separation Anxiety

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The bond between pet and owner is deeper than ever, with dogs and cats being upgraded from companion to full-fledged family member. And, while the team at Marina Village Veterinary and Integrative Care celebrates the increased love and devotion that comes with this promotion, some pets are experiencing an unhealthy over-attachment to their owners known [...]

Reading Your Dog’s Mind: Canine Body Language 101

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Dogs can’t talk, but they use their bodies to communicate with us all the time. Human and dog body language are inherently different, so learning to interpret your dog’s signals is key to developing the best possible relationship. Follow this guide from Marina Village Veterinary and Integrative Care to start reading your dog’s body language [...]

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